A Look at ProOnGo Expense on Intuit App Center

Intuit recently launched their own app store for applications that tie directly into their QuickBooks platform. While the market is still young (only about 200 apps exist), already there are useful gems out there that have the potential to change how we interact with QuickBooks.

Magnifying glass looking at puzzle pieces and money, Fishbowl BlogOne such application is ProOnGo Expense. ProOnGo is an expense tracking company that has been around since 2008 and has been largely focused on its mobile expense tracker. But lately, with the release of their ProOnGo Expense web application on Intuit App Center, their expense tracker has turned into a full blown expense-tracking solution.

ProOnGo has built an expense tracker that will seamlessly integrate into your QuickBooks system from your mobile phone. Why Intuit doesn’t already have a dedicated app for this, I have no idea. But ProOnGo has stepped up and taken advantage of the hole in the market by allowing users to track their expenses on their mobile device (either Android, BlackBerry or iPhone), while their expense administrator logs into the ProOnGo Expense web application to approve and instantly sync the employee expenses with QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Online.

The application, targeted at small businesses, integrates with the QuickBooks Employee Center so you can easily create ProOnGo accounts for all of your employees. It will pull all of your expense and bank accounts from QuickBooks so you can label your expenses from your mobile phone with your QuickBooks expense account. And it also incorporates different reimbursement methods when syncing to QuickBooks.

Developers tell me one of the biggest hurdles for businesses to adopt this new system is the connection to paper-based systems; a lot of companies simply aren’t ready to make the transition from paper to paperless. That’s why ProOnGo offers to integrate companies’ paper-based expense reports into the application, so employees can create expense reports in their company’s format to easily wean businesses off paper.

Regarding the mobile app, I found that the expenses are always up to date, no matter where you upload them – you can email in receipt images, you can record expenses from your mobile app and you can use a Web Portal at ProOnGo.com to record expenses. They also offer a receipt-scanning feature in which they’ll extract a receipt’s image to automatically create an expense for you.

Overall, ProOnGo offers a really strong solution for small businesses that need a way to keep their expenses organized in QuickBooks. They offer a 15-day free trial of their Intuit App Center application, and if you sign up for a subscription on their website, you’ll get your first 30 days for free. You can try ProOnGo Expense on your mobile device for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone for free by searching for ProOnGo in your favorite app store.


About ProOnGo LLC

ProOnGo Expense is a mobile expense tracker that makes expenses easy. Automate your expenses and manage them from your phone.
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