5 Reasons Employees Wind Up Doing Things They Weren’t Originally Hired for

Employees often wind up doing much more than their original job responsibilities, Fishbowl BlogAre you doing the exact same things today that were on your job description when you were originally hired? If you stay at a job for any significant amount of time, you’ll probably answer no.

Why is that? Things change, and so do people. Your company isn’t the same as it was a few years ago, and you’re not the same person you were back then, either.

Let’s talk about five reasons employees often wind up doing things they weren’t originally hired to do.

1. They Gain New Skills

Most people aren’t stagnant in their skills. For example, a cashier at a drugstore can move into photo developing, receiving, or other areas of the business. It’s human nature to want to learn new things instead of doing the same thing over and over.

2. They Want to Stand Out

A good way to impress your boss and move up in the company is to do things outside of your job requirements. Ambitious people do this all the time. If you stick to your job description and refuse to do anything else, you won’t be as likely to win friends and become an indispensable team player.

3. Companies Downsize

When a company hits a rough patch and has to lay off some employees, that usually means the ones who are left have to take on those missing employees’ duties. This can involve having to master new skills, such as sales, customer service, technical expertise, etc.

4. Business Operations Get More Complex

The more a company grows, the more work it takes to keep it running. Ideally, companies hire more employees to meet their growing needs, but sometimes they move too slowly or don’t fully understand their needs. Again, it’s up to the hard workers to step up and go beyond their job descriptions to get the job done.

5. Technology Changes

As businesses get more sophisticated and automate more processes, they are increasingly looking for employees who can be flexible and understand the new systems. For example, warehouse workers can be a lot more productive if they learn how to use warehouse management software and hardware to speed up all of their receiving, ordering, picking, packing, and shipping tasks.

The point of all this is simply to note that you shouldn’t expect to remain stagnant in your job. Whatever you do for a living, you can count on it changing over time. Whether you want to get noticed and move up or deal with layoffs or new technology, you need to be open to trying new things.

About Robert Lockard

Robert Lockard is a copywriter with Fishbowl. He writes for several blogs about inventory management, manufacturing, QuickBooks and small business. Fishbowl Inventory is the #1-requested inventory management software for QuickBooks users. Robert enjoys running, reading, writing, spending time with his wife and children, and watching movies. His favorite movies include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Fiddler on the Roof, Back to the Future and Lawrence of Arabia.
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