Farewell, Excel

For years you’ve been tied down by the limits of Excel as an inventory management tool while you tried to run your growing business.

Make the leap from Excel to something much better to manage inventory, Fishbowl BlogBut you don’t have to stay there any longer. It’s time to break free and enjoy the benefits of using a true inventory management solution that is designed to handle your business’ logistical needs.

Some of the disadvantages of using Excel for managing inventory include:

  • Excel has to be jerry-rigged to work as an inventory management solution
  • It is extremely difficult to cull detailed information and reports from data in Excel
  • Data has to be manually entered into Excel whenever orders are placed, goods are sold, etc.
  • All of this manual data entry opens up the possibility for errors and omissions
  • Training new employees on your customized Excel system can be time-consuming and difficult without documentation and instructions

When you use advanced inventory management software, you leave all of these problems in the dust and move into much safer territory.

Inventory management software is a much better option than Excel because:

  • It’s meant specifically for managing large amounts of inventory
  • Reports can be automatically generated from all of the data in the software
  • Barcode scanners and other devices can be used to instantly enter information instead of doing it by hand at a desktop computer
  • This cuts down significantly on the number of typos and other errors that can occur during data entry
  • Inventory management software usually has detailed training and instructions on how to use its features

Don’t stay tethered to Excel just because it seems like a cheaper option. It could be costing you a lot of time and money in lost productivity that you could enjoy if you switched to something more suitable. Start moving up by moving past Excel for your inventory management.

About Robert Lockard

Robert Lockard is a copywriter with Fishbowl. He writes for several blogs about inventory management, manufacturing, QuickBooks and small business. Fishbowl Inventory is the #1-requested inventory management software for QuickBooks users. Robert enjoys running, reading, writing, spending time with his wife and children, and watching movies. His favorite movies include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Fiddler on the Roof, Back to the Future and Lawrence of Arabia.
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