5 Reasons Employees Wind Up Doing Things They Weren’t Originally Hired for

Employees often wind up doing much more than their original job responsibilities, Fishbowl BlogAre you doing the exact same things today that were on your job description when you were originally hired? If you stay at a job for any significant amount of time, you’ll probably answer no.

Why is that? Things change, and so do people. Your company isn’t the same as it was a few years ago, and you’re not the same person you were back then, either.

Let’s talk about five reasons employees often wind up doing things they weren’t originally hired to do. Continue reading

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Criticism Is Critical to Your Success

It hurts to be told when we’ve made a mistake. But the sad truth is that we grow the most when we are willing to accept criticism from people and make changes based on their feedback.

Not All Advice Is Equal

Criticism, constructive or otherwise, can help people and businesses grow, Fishbowl BlogOf course, not everyone’s advice is equally valuable. Some people are just angry and wanting to tear you down. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice. It’s important to protect yourself and yet be ready to allow useful feedback in.

The key is to set your pride aside. Even if someone is saying really painful things to you, know that those things don’t make you a bad person. They are a chance to reflect on what you’re doing and find ways to improve. Continue reading

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How Would Drones Affect the Way Companies Manage Their Inventory?

Drones could turn out to be a game changer in the business world. As companies like Amazon prepare to use drones to ship packages from a warehouse to someone’s back porch in just a few minutes, we’re left to wonder if this will turn out to be the wave of the future. Continue reading

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The Limits of Excel Inventory Management

Excel is limited as an inventory management tool, Fishbowl BlogMany small and medium businesses struggle to manage their inventory efficiently. They spend a lot of money buying parts and products, and oftentimes they overshoot the mark and wind up with more than they need. And if they do that too often or don’t have a good system in place to make sure inventory gets used in a timely manner, those parts and products will sit in a warehouse too long and spoil or become obsolete. Continue reading

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To Be Successful, Business Owners Need ‘The Right Stuff’

Business leaders need to have The Right Stuff courage and inventory, Fishbowl Blog“There was a demon that lived in the business world. They said whoever challenged him would die. Their inventory controls would freeze up, their balance sheets would buffet wildly, and their company would disintegrate. The demon lived at the point where your inventory management gets so complex Excel can’t handle it. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no small business could ever pass.”

This quote comes from the 1983 film The Right Stuff (though I did modify it a little). The good news is that this demon can be defeated, and I’ll tell you how. Continue reading

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How Inventory Management Software Protects Your Business

Inventory management software protects your business' data, Fishbowl Blog

Inventory management software is more than a tool for increasing your company’s efficiency. It also serves an important role in protecting your company from potentially damaging problems.

Let’s go over five of the ways that inventory management software protects your company. Continue reading

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10 Simple Things Grocery Stores Can Do to Improve Shoppers’ Experience

Today we’re going to go to the grocery store to discover 10 simple things store managers, employees, and chains can do to make their customers have a much more positive experience shopping in their stores. Let’s get right down to it. Continue reading

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