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Criticism Is Critical to Your Success

When someone makes a mistake, it’s tempting to jump down their throat about it, but it’s always a better idea to kindly help them fix it and learn from the experience. Continue reading

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Is Your Sales Team Delusional?

Leaders are starving for actionable analytics that will allow them to provide valuable coaching and boost performance in a systematic way. Continue reading

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The Most Powerful Word in Business

The most powerful word in the business world is… enough. It’s such a compelling word because it’s so difficult (yet rewarding) to achieve. Continue reading

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The First Thing to Do When You Get Advice

Ask yourself, “Says who?” That’s the first thing you should do when you get advice from someone. Continue reading

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How to Always Have the Right Thing to Say

You don’t have to be the wittiest person in the world to run your business well. You just need to stay current on important data. Continue reading

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Top 5 Inventory Management Predictions for 2011

I’m not a prophet, but I can confidently predict that your business will enjoy five key benefits this year if you start using inventory management software. Continue reading

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