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An Optimistic Approach to Inventory Control

Follow this example and choose inventory software that is user-friendly and meets your needs without costing too much or being overly complex. Continue reading

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Is Inventory Management an Art or Science?

I could do a total copout and say inventory management is both an art and a science, but I’m going to do something more difficult. Continue reading

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Lots of Inventory Management Challenges in Toy Story

What if your inventory had a mind of its own? That would add a major challenge to managers’ already-complicated task of maintaining a well-organized inventory management system. And that’s exactly the reality that Toy Story movies portray. Product Damage and … Continue reading

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How to Keep Inventory Fresh and Boost Revenue

One of the most cost-efficient ways to avoid stale or out-of-season inventory is to use inventory management software. Continue reading

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How Small Firms Can Keep Up with Wal-Mart Price Cuts

How can small and mid-size businesses hope to compete with a giant like Wal-Mart? With inventory management software, that’s how. Continue reading

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19 Features to Look for in Inventory System Software

Fishbowl can do much more, too. These 19 features just scratch the surface. Continue reading

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